Horton Innovations was founded to provide high quality analysis. We serve our clients through emphasis on the development of people. Ongoing evaluation, training, education, and excercises provide personnel and clients the ability to assess their capabilities, set goals for growth and expansion, and learn to develop other professionals as well. Our high performing professionals pioneer scientifically sound solutions for data recovery, threat forecasting, forensic investigation, and advise clients in best practices aligned with each client's business strategy. We value objectivity, accuracy, and innovation to achieve timely, reliable results. We desire to produce the highest caliber professionals in the field and educate our clients in the process.

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Intelligence refers to the use of the cyber domain to collect, assess, analyze, and produce intelligence. It the process of intelligence analysis applied to the cyber domain. It is not limited to cyber incidents. Rather, cyber threats are ony one of many applications for intelligence in the public and private sector. Horton Innovations helps clients discover the value intelligence can bring to their organization and establish intelligence operations aligned with the business strategy. Horton Innovations assists clients in evaluating talent, selecting the best third party providers and in-house personnel and maintaining a suitable strategy for threat intelligence. Horton Innovations can also assess an organization's readiness for an intelligence function and has aided clients in maturing security programs in preparation for an intelligence function.

Digital Forensics

Horton Innovations personnel have experience in the recovery, collection, analysis, and presentation of data in civil and criminal litigation, computer and network intrusions, system and network anomalies, and internal investigations. Meticulous handling and documentation of data, information, and processes characterize our scientifically sound, yet innovative methods. Horton Innovations forensic analysts have decades of experience performing forensic analysis, maintain the highest levels of academic accomplishment, professional credentials, and continue to perform pro-active research and publish findings related to validation testing and the use of new forensic techniques. Upon request a list of court cases in which Horton Innovations analysts previously provided analysis, consultation, testimony, or other services can be provided.

Coaching and Training

Professionals at all levels desire advancement, depth and diversity of knowledge and expertise. Horton Innovations has developed assessment techniques to help forensic and intelligence analysts measure their current level of knowledge, expertise and capability and design a custom plan to achieve each professional's specific goals. Examples of objectives of past clients include:

  • Expand laterally to understand and know how to work different types of problems/cases
  • Learn how to build and manage my own practice
  • Train to take on a management role
  • Become an expert in interpreting operating system artifact data
  • Enhance my report writing capabilities
  • Acclimate to a public speaking role
  • Gain depth in understanding technical topics
  • Enhance critical thinking skills
  • Apply intelligence tradecraft to cyber security scenarios
  • Adapt best practice management techniques to security operations center
  • Develop skills in research and testing
Custom plans include recommendations for education, training, hands-on practice, connections with mentors, and coaching sessions with experts.